48: Mac or PC? You don’t have to pick a side

I’m writing about 100 things I’ve learned about product management.

If you lived in the UK or US at the time, you may remember the Apple adverts from a years ago gently mocking their competitor, Microsoft:

I’ve learned that it’s perfectly fine not to pick a side.

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Making myself redundant

I’ve recently been working for MOJ Digital at the Ministry of Justice as their interim head of product. They asked me to join as a professional coach and mentor to the team of product managers building digital services there. It soon became clear that there was plenty more I could do to help.

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Interview with Wade Danielson of The Entrepreneurs Library

UPDATED: I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Wade Danielson, founder and host of the Entrepreneurs Library. Take a listen or read the full transcript below:


If you’re interested in reading the book for yourself, you can grab a copy over on Amazon.

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Becoming a product manager at MOJ Digital

This article was originally published on MOJ Digital’s blog in January 2015.

Fancy a job as a product manager? Do you see yourself working in a hot start-up with a small, tight-knit team of specialists?

I’ll bet you never considered the Ministry of Justice as an option. You’re missing a trick – let me explain why.

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Q&A: “What’s it like working as a product manager at a startup?”

I was recently asked a question – here’s the answer I gave:

“I have just been offered an awesome job as a product manager for a startup and although I studied UX design, I think it could be for me. Just wondering whether you could give me some insight into your day-to-day duties and what the role might entail when working on a product for a startup?”

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The Practitioner’s Guide to Product Management – out tomorrow

Happy New Year, everyone!

As you may be aware, I’ve written a book about product management. It’s really a collection of stories from my own experience and others’ about how NOT to manage products. So if you just follow my Golden Rule (to ignore or do the opposite of everything I suggest), then you’ll be fine. Probably.

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