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A few months ago, I co-presented a short speaking slot at this year’s Satmetrix Net Promoter European Conference.  I’ve reproduced an excerpt from their official blog of the event for posterity.

You can see the full article in its original form at Satmetrix’s European Conference Blog 2010.

Doreen Byrnes and Jock Busuttil of Experian described how they involve all parts of their organisation in the customer promise by using a common language and a common set of goals. Accomplishing this started with a broad internal communication programme, and it shows up in all aspects of the day-to-day decision making.

Jock described how his product management team uses customer feedback to put KPIs into context. The KPIs themselves are just an outcome. It’s the feedback from the customer that clarifies what is needed to really move the KPIs in the right direction.

Jock told a story of a product upgrade that put pressure on a particular customer relationship. Most customers had moved over to the new version and the company was planning to discontinue support. While the customer was contractually obliged to move, their account manager, Ben, knew that the customer was a Promoter and didn’t want to spoil the trusted relationship that had been built up over the years.

Jock and Ben visited the customer to come up with a plan for making the transition, and they made the decision to extend support for the customer in the interest of their long-term loyalty. This is one small example of how they have been able to maintain retention rates of more than 90%.

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