Q&A: What should product managers keep an eye on in 2011?

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Happy New Year!

I was recently asked what I saw as the major trends, changes, challenges and opportunities for product managers in 2011.

Product managers working in different market sectors, countries and sizes of company will have their own take on this, so here’s my Top 5 from the perspective of a large-ish Business Services company operating in the UK.

I think there are some emerging trends and technologies that will affect everyone’s approach, even if fairly indirectly. These are:

  1. Social Media as a way for organisations to engage with their customers / citizens / audience
  2. Related to this is social capital / influence of individuals acquired through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. (think PeerIndex)
  3. Openness and availability of data (think Bundle.com, Timetric.com, data.gov.uk, opencorporates.com)
  4. Rich internet experience more widely available on location-aware handhelds (phones and tablets)
  5. Continued marketing in a recessionary environment – how is this affecting your company and your customers?

What do you think?

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