4: Don’t focus on what’s stopping you

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I’m writing about one hundred things I’ve learned about being a product manager.

Product managers can be creatures of habit.  Some habits are good and give us a consistent and diligent approach.   Sometimes, though, we allow ourselves to be constrained by habitual thinking, inhibiting true innovation.

The question we should really be asking is: “how can we do it?”

How often have you found yourself thinking: “we can’t do X because that’s not the way we do things” or “we can’t do Y because we can’t change our billing system”?

The question we should really be asking is: “how can we do it?”

By asking this question, the discussion takes on a very different tone.  Positivity and creativeness replaces negativity and resistance to change, and the whole conversation becomes much more enjoyable for all concerned.  Give it a try next time you find yourself hitting obstacles.

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