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I’m blogging live from the O’Reilly Strata conference venue, at the Big Data London meetup.  I’ve just been listening to David White launching and wanted to share how excited I am about what they’re doing.

It is immensely pleasing to see solving a problem that I was encouraging Experian to solve for itself, namely to expose via web services its rich set of demographic data and propensity modelling derived from its vast store of credit and third-party data. present an alternate method for achieving the same outcome much more rapidly.  In this data-rich world, I think they will be greasing the cogs of innovation by simply making it easier to mash up data. excites me because of its combination of abilities to create web service access to data on-the-fly, to mash up open, proprietary and pseudo data sets, and then to provide a marketplace for the resulting data services.  Democratisation of data just got a whole lot easier.  Take a look.

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