UPDATED – 10th December: How to run effective usability testing @GA_London



I’m giving a talk with General Assembly London on December 10th, 6.00pm to 7.30pm!  Learn how to run effective usability testing with me, sign up at http://webuse2.eventbrite.com/.

Here’s what a few people who attended the last one said:

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29: Never commit to written word something you’ll be ashamed of later

You know how sometimes you read an email that incenses you so much that you have to craft a long, occasionally sarcastic, cutting BUT ENTIRELY JUSTIFIED reply explaining precisely why you think that person is a complete and utter d**k. Hmmm?  Here’s why it may not be a great idea to send it.

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Top tip: fixing broken dynamic content in WordPress admin dashboard

If you change your self-hosted WordPress install so that it starts using SSL to secure the Admin interface, you may have noticed that some dynamic elements are no longer working, such as the Jetpack site stats graph or the fold out sub-menus on the main menu.  Here’s how to fix it.

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