Crack out the Ferrero Rocher*

September is shaping up to be a good month for product people in Europe, with not one, but two great events lined up: Product Management Festival 2013 and Mind The Product Conference 2013.

Update: for this year’s conferences, take a look at:

Links in the article to the 2013 conferences have now been removed.

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Needs, features and benefits

I’m currently teaching a lively bunch of budding product managers over at General Assembly.  After each class, I’ve been setting them a blogging task to sum up their understanding of what they’ve learned.  I thought it might be fun to level the playing field a little and open myself up for a little critical retribution.  So here are my musings on the first topic we covered: needs, features and benefits. Continue reading

Blast from the past

Three years ago today I published my first article on I Manage Products.  While a fair amount’s changed since then, I’d like to think that some things remain the same.

My writing style, for one, hasn’t really improved in three years.  I don’t think my sense of humour has matured either.  Still, we can’t expect miracles, can we?

If you fancy a laugh at my expense, cast an eye over my first article, “By way of an introduction”.