Link of the day: The Agile Business Gap by @brainmates

Companies often want to go Agile because it promises a more collaborative, market-centric and frequent delivery of product to market.  In practice, however, gaps start to emerge because the rest of the business hasn’t adapted its adjacent processes to cope with the move to Agile.  Nick Coster, Co-founder of Brainmates (@brainmates), talks through the challenges and proposes some solutions to bridging the Agile Business Gap.

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Ich bin ein Produkt-Manager: round-up from inaugural Product Management Festival in Zürich


Graffiti was positively encouraged – photo courtesy of Product Management Festival

The first Product Management Festival took place in Zürich this week, bringing together product people from across Europe, as well as some from farther afield: the US, China, Russia and Australia.  There were laughs, drama and conflict (mainly between panellists, I hasten to add), but thankfully no actual fist-fights.

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