The £20 bottle of Blue Nun

To all wannabe e-commerce entrepreneurs: you no longer have any excuse. It’s possible to fire up an MVP for a wine delivery business in under an hour using just a mobile phone. Read how…

I’ve been teaching a class of budding product managers. Because I have minimal imagination and a possibly unhealthy relationship with alcohol (I am British), many of the examples I’ve been using to get the class to try out some techniques have revolved around a wine-on-demand delivery product.

One particular student has decided there would be enough of a target market purely from thirsty, stressed-out product managers.

So in the space of an hour, in the pub, post-class, using only an iPhone and an internet connection, he’s managed to set up enough of an online presence from scratch to take legitimate orders for poor quality wine. An MVP in under an hour.

I, of course, have placed an order to call his bluff. I await my delivery with baited breath.

See for yourself at (see update 2)

Update: The wine arrived, and it looks like my student made a healthy profit. He also learned a few things from his MVP. Have a read, the exchange with Tesco’s is priceless!

Update 2: Sensibly, he’s turned the MVP off now.

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