Starting with a guess: how to use data creatively

The good folks at Product Coalition interviewed me the other day as part of their “Data-Driven Product Manager” series.

The interview covers things like:

  • thinking about outcomes, not outputs;
  • alignment with broader goals;
  • finding and measuring leading indicators; and
  • the 5 most important metrics for product managers.

Have a read!

(Reproduced from Product Coalition, article by Laure Parsons.)

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Building a product community in government

We have many product-minded people in the Government Digital Service (GDS) and across government, but we’re only just beginning to operate as a community. I’m currently helping GDS out and have written a post for their blog on how we’re beginning to improve things.

Do have a read.

Group of 'product people' from the DWP digital academy #transformingtogether

Communities of people inspiring each other

Over the last few years across government, we have collectively learnt a huge amount about how to create products and services that truly meet user needs.

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