Podcast: Learning Product Leadership

The Product Coach podcast with author Jock Busuttil

I’ve just been on Ross Webb’s new Product Coach podcast talking about product leadership. You can listen to it on the widget below or at Buzzsprout.

We cover a fair amount, including:

  • why I think 9 out of 10 recruiters haven’t a clue
  • should you hire product managers with market specialism?
  • frustrations for new product managers
  • does following a process drive product success?
  • the skills and abilities of a product leader
  • getting the non-tech parts of the organisation to buy into product
  • failing versus learning
  • time management: personal, project and roadmap
  • a quick way to organise your personal priorities
  • why you need lots of tools at your disposal
  • the tension between product manager and scrum master / delivery manager
  • characteristics of a great product leader
  • me saying “yeah, yeah, absolutely” a lot

If you fancy a chat about any of the topics we discussed, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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“I wish this book was published when I started out in product management”
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