About Jock

Hello and welcome!  I’m Jock Busuttil. As my surname tends to come up as Bushtit in spell-checkers, ‘Jock’ is fine.

Who are you, then?

I’m a product manager, author and speaker. I’m largely responsible for the contents of this blog. Sorry ’bout that.

What qualifies you to write about product management?

I have over fifteen years’ experience working for software companies, the majority of which as a product manager or product marketer. I started out working in firms ranging from software start-ups (Zeus Technology) to large multi-nationals (Iron Mountain, IGT, Experian).

For the last few years, I’ve been working through my own company, Product People. This has given me the opportunity to collaborate with plenty more great people from a variety of companies, large and small, in lots of different sectors including government (Ministry of Justice Digital, Government Digital Service).

I also have a keen interest in product usability because I believe that my products should delight my customers.

What do you love about being a product manager?

The people I work with, seeing my products take off, usability testing, sharing best practices, running my programmes successfully, effecting positive change in my company.

What do you hate about being a product manager?

Information overload, pointless meetings and not having as much time in the day as I would like to get everything done.

Very nice.  Do you have a life outside of work?

I try to. Outside of work, I’m into cooking, motorbikes, music and skiing, though rarely simultaneously. You’ll generally find me in and around central London.

What’s the point of this blog, then?

This blog makes up for my atrocious memory by serving as a reminder of practical advice I’ve given to and received from others over the years. By sharing this advice with you, along with my thoughts, experiences, failures and successes, I hope you’ll use it to become a more effective product manager or marketer.

As you may have gathered by now, I’ve also written a book about some of my and other people’s most spectacular product failures and success. You can buy it from reputable bookstores, I’m told.

I tweet about product management, usability and less serious things on Twitter. You can also find an up-to-date summary of my professional work on LinkedIn. I also run a product management consultancy company called Product People, so if you would like me or some other experienced product managers to come along and help you out, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you’re looking for info on a topic not covered on this site or if you’re having any problems.

Jock Busuttil (August 2015)

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