Interview with Wade Danielson of The Entrepreneurs Library

UPDATED: I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Wade Danielson, founder and host of the Entrepreneurs Library. Take a listen or read the full transcript below:


If you’re interested in reading the book for yourself, you can grab a copy over on Amazon.

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The Practitioner’s Guide to Product Management – out tomorrow

Happy New Year, everyone!

As you may be aware, I’ve written a book about product management. It’s really a collection of stories from my own experience and others’ about how NOT to manage products. So if you just follow my Golden Rule (to ignore or do the opposite of everything I suggest), then you’ll be fine. Probably.

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Book recommendation – The Case for Working with Your Hands

This content was originally published more than five years ago and is archived here for preservation.

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The Case for Working with Your Hands: or Why Office Work is Bad for Us and Fixing Things Feels Good by Matthew Crawford (Amazon)

I appreciate that it is somewhat perverse to recommend a book to you that ostensibly advocates ditching the desk job in favour of more creative and rewarding manual labour.  Bear with its author, though, because this is a fine and entertaining read.

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