Happy Christmas + where I’ve been hiding

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To all the readers of this humble product management blog: may I wish you all a happy Christmas and all the very best for 2014!

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing the various articles I’ve written in 2013; I’m very grateful for your support.

You may have noticed that the rate of posts has dropped over the last few months.  This is not entirely without cause.  Since September, I’ve been writing a whole heap – just not on this blog!  I’ve been writing my first book on product management and the vast majority of the material is new.  The first drafts are nearly done and, while a date has not yet been set by the publisher, I’m hoping the book will come out in 2014.

I’ll be able to go into a little more detail as time goes on, but I’ll say this for now: the world doesn’t need another product management methodology or framework, and certainly not one written by me.  So instead I’ve pulled together a collection of my stories, musings and advice from my own experience, which I guess could be charitably described as “cautionary tales” at best.

With your expectations duly set low, I look forward to sharing my book with you soon.