Lean, green, micro machines

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Back in October, I needed to get rid of some large, unsightly and power-hungry beige boxes from circa 2002 that were running my home office network, MP3 server etc.  Eight or nine months on, I’m pleased to report that the project was a success.  My Acer Revo server and external hard disk are sitting quietly making no discernible noise and taking up minimal space.  The power consumption has dropped through the floor in relative terms as well.

I’m still hunting for a replacement firewall server and some low-power desktop machines, without necessarily compromising on performance.  Mind you, I’m looking for a Linux-based firewall, not a gaming machine, so ‘performance’ may be overstating things.  A quick hunt on the internet later and I’m amazed by how quickly the micro PC market is continuing to evolve.  I thought I’d share with you a couple of the most desirable green machines I’ve found so far.

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