39-43: Four more things I’ve learned about product management

Last Tuesday I felt a bit like Gwyneth Paltrow. This wasn’t because I had a sudden hankering for colonic irrigation or conscious uncoupling. Rather, I felt a bit like her character in the film Sliding Doors, in which the difference between missing and catching a tube train creates two parallel, but very different paths through the rest of the story.

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9: Everything benefits from a good start in life

I’m writing about one hundred things I’ve learned about being a product manager.

Don’t you find that it is always so hard to recover something that started badly?  Whether it’s a development project, a product launch, or a new starter in your team, you can be reasonably certain that each will benefit from a good start.

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end of life /ɛ́nd ə́v lájf/   v. To discontinue, drop, put out of misery, send to sleep with the fishes, take round the back and shoot, go the way of the Norwegian Blue


Product managers are full of contradictions: if we’re not busting a gut to launch something, we’re trying to kill our older products off.

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