22: Blow your own trumpet

I’m writing about one hundred things I’ve learned as a product manager.

If you’ve worked in product management for a while, you’ll almost certainly have been annoyed by others taking credit for your hard work.  Your boss will make some kind of announcement that Salesy McSalesdroid had won a massive deal, aren’t they great, they get a free island and half of your salary as bonus, yadda yadda yadda.

Everyone conveniently ignores that you held their hand to all the customer meetings, wrote AND DELIVERED the pitch to the customer, rearranged your roadmap to squeeze in some customer-specific features, and basically did everything needed to secure the deal.  But the main reason nobody else knows this is because you didn’t actually tell anyone!

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2: Find problems rather than guess solutions

I’m writing about one hundred things I’ve learned about being a product manager.

We’re product managers.  We’re in charge of the future direction of our products.  But when we start thinking about the requirements for a new product version, I bet we all make the same mistake when deciding what goes in.

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The problem with successful products

I was reading Ian Lunn’s recent post, “Judged on the success of your product“, on Product Focus’s new blog and it reminded me of a story:

I once worked with a chap who managed an online service, which charged by amount of data stored. The service was popular and growing its revenues, however the P&L model assumed that data was stored compressed, when in fact the reverse was true. Thus, the more popular the service became, the more it lost money on running costs…

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